There aren't many places like Flutterbies Cafe in Australia. Stumbling across such a place in deepest Australia you can't help but be in awe at what a haven they have created. This website had to ooze the same grace, beauty and class that you get from the real thing. There was never a doubt that pink and gold would be the primary colours on the site. It was important that the design kept a traditional feel while also having modern functionality and design. Flutterbies is the hub of its community, so displaying information up front to the user like what's going on and social media was also key. 

Josh took the idea of an overwhelming project of essentially rebranding ourselves as a business with a real online presence and translated it into an enjoyable journey of creation that gave us everything we needed to align our online vision to the actual experience of visiting us in person.
We wanted our website to be sleek, professional and modern whilst remaining in feeling with our olde worlde country style fashion... Josh co created our style guide and identity with us in a very simple, elegant and manageable way. This guide serves to further aid us in our branding and marketing in store too.
We are thrilled with the result. We have a website that is low cost, easy to manage and will last a lifetime.
Josh really has the capacity to hear his clients needs and respond with trustworthy recommendations and guidance.
We have every delight in suggesting him as your web site developer no matter how complicated or simple the requirement.
— Haniel Medinet - Flutterbies Cottage Cafe, Tyalgum, Australia